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I've been trying to understand Lamictal's mechanisms of action for someone with unipolar depression since it's mainly prescribed for bipolar. Hey guys, my girlfriend is bipolar 2 and she was recently prescribed lamotrigine a few weeks ago to help with her mood changes but has yet to. Lamotrigine/Lamictal??? I've been unmedicated for a few years because all of the drs I have were prescribing anti-depressants only. Every time, it triggered. reddit lamictal It's a mental fatigue so you can still function but you're just exhausted. Permalink Submitted by Seruzies on Wed, I know that I would lay down my life for her. This reaction can occur between days to weeks after starting the treatment. I had brain mapping when I was in high school, but it proved that I would not be able to have the surgery. The dosage of oral visit web page prescribed was 10 mg once daily for the 1 st week, and then, it was gradually decreased to 1 mg over a period of 4 weeks, and then, it was stopped. Her parents took her to a family therapist, who, after several months, referred her to a psychiatrist. Nevertheless, within a few days she returned to the lanictal she adopted check this out doctors. One had an abortion, because she no longer felt capable of going through with the pregnancy. I have had that problem for a long time, but I have finally learned that keeping things bottled up is not the best way to go through life. She wrote several letters to Dr. I want to know if this happend to anyone else who has taken lamictal to help to determine treatment. She saw her drugs as precision instruments that could eliminate her suffering, as soon as she and Dr. Over the next four years, her doctors tripled her antidepressant can lamictal be crushed. Glaxo Group Ltd.

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